Free payments with your mobile

If you have a smartphone why not pay with an app. Create clear payment requests to your customers. No wrong phone number or paybill typing. No charges.
A clear overview of transactions, outstanding loans and credit provided.
One app to pay in shops and peer to peer. Pay to Sevi or M-Pesa accounts.
Use QR codes or M-Pesa express payments to simplify payments for your customers.

Fair loans at 3% interest


Option 1:

Run your revenue through your Sevi account and get access to affordable loans. A minimum of 5 transactions per day is required. 

Option 2:

Invite others who believe in your business and let them guarantee your loan. Add them to your wallet as a guarantor.

Provide and manage your credit 


Provide credit or provide your products/services on credit. Sevi’s loan management system exists of: 

  • Loan application
  • Loan approval
  • Loan reminders
  • Loan repayment
  • Debt recovery
  • Portfolio management



On the Sevi app you can trade your time for services or products. Provide a service to person X and register how much this person owes you. Person X can now decide to pay with money or with services/products in return. 

So no longer live on loans, but pay with your time! 

Pay no longer for mobile money transactions. Get a hold on your finances and credits. 

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