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Get access to affordable credit

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About Sevi

Access to affordable micro credit for your loan group. All digital so no hassle. No more cumbersome paperwork or need to go around collecting member signatures, passports photos and identity cards to enable you to get a group loan. Through a simple-to-use mobile app you create your group and add the members, just like in WhatsApp.

Watch onboarding tutorial

A step-by-step onboarding video

Step-by-step group onboarding

Create your group and apply for a loan


Link your group to your credit provider

Click the link you received from your credit provider
Enter your phone number
Enter group name and click ‘Create’
Open the Sevi app

Sevi app link group

Download Sevi app

Download the Sevi app in the Google Playstore

Sevi app download

Set profile

Follow the screen prompts to set a PIN for your account
Enter your phone number to register with Sevi
Enter the verification code you receive through SMS
Follow the screen prompts to finalize your profile

Sevi app - set profile

Manage group

Go to ‘wallets’
Click ‘group wallet’
Click 'menu' and click ‘Edit group name’
Enter your group name and click ‘Save’
Click your ‘group wallet’
Click 'menu' and click ‘Manage users’
Click ‘+’ to add users to your group
From the list select your contacts you want to add as group members
Click ‘Add users’, your members receive a SMS to join the group
When they accept the invitation, they appear in your member overview

Sevi app - group wallet

Loan request

Click ‘Loan requests’, here you find an overview of loan requests
Click ‘Request loan’, to request a new loan
Click the fund you want to apply a loan at
Set the loan conditions and click ‘next’
Give the reason for the loan and click ‘share’
When the loan is approved you receive the money in the group wallet

Sevi app - set loan

Individual loan approval

Click the link in the WhatsApp message you received from your group member
Select ‘Sevi’ as payment option
Click ‘pay’
Click ‘wallet’ and select your ‘group wallet’
Check payment details
If you agree click ‘pay’
Go to group wallet to see transaction

Individual loan request

Go to ‘wallets’
Click ‘personal wallet’
Click ‘Loan requests’
Click ‘Request loan’
Click funds ‘group name’
Set the loan conditions and click ‘next’
Give the reason and click ‘share’
When the loan is approved by the group admin, the member receives the money in its personal wallet