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No, Sevi does not share customer’s loan information with other lending institutions. Sevi only provides the personal Trust Score to a lening institute when the borrower is applying for a loan at this institute through Sevi.

Yes, Sevi shares customer’s loan information with CRB. When a loan is applied for, the borrower agrees with the terms and conditions of Sevi, which state:

“In connection with this application and/or maintaining a credit facility through Sevi, the Borrower authorizes Sevi to carry out credit checks with or obtain credit information from, a credit reference bureau. In the event of the account going into default, the Borrower consents to its name, transaction and default details being forwarded to a credit reference bureau for listing. The Borrower acknowledges that this information may be used by banking institutions and other credit grantors in assessing applications for credit by the Borrower, associated companies, and supplementary account holders and for occasional debt tracing and fraud prevention purposes.”


Sevi only facilitates loans to groups. Therefore you first have to create a group.

Whether a group qualifies for a loan is decided by your loan provider. Loan providers use different criteria such as:

  • Trust Score (e.g. the max loan amount is determined by the Trust Score of your group)
  • size of the loan group (e.g. some set a minimum of 10 members)
  • loans elsewhere (e.g. some require that none of the group members have outstanding loans elsewhere)
  • CRB rating (e.g. some require no members have a negative CRB rating)

When a loan request is not approved by your loan provider you will receive feedback on why it is not approved.

Whether you qualify for an idividual loan to your loan group is decided by your loan group. When a loan request is not approved by your loan group you will receive feedback on why it is not approved.

When you do not repay on time the following actions are taken:

  • Each day you pay late you loose Sevi Trust points, which also effects the Trust Score of your group.
  • After seven days you loose all your Sevi Trust points, but they can be regained by repaying your loan.
  • After thirty days you will officially be at default and you will loose all your points indefinate.
  • After ninety days you will be registered as a defaulter at the CRB.


If through some unforeseen event outside of your sphere of influence you are not able to repay, we suggest you inform your group so they can step up for you and repay on your behalf. This way the group doesn’t loose Trust points and credibility at the your loan provider.

When the loan request is approved the loan is disbursed to your Wallet in the Sevi app. The loan is disbursed to the individual or group Wallet depending on where the loan request has been send from. Once the loan is received in your Wallet you can:

  • transfer to other Sevi Wallets free of charge
  • disburse loans to group members, see ‘How do I disburse a loan
  • transfer to any M-Pesa account

This depends on your loan provider. Some have set their criteria and therefore the loan request review is automated and instant. Other loan providers and also group admins manually review your loan request. Most loan providers aim to review loan request within a few hours.

A loan is money from someone else, which you borrow for a specific period. So not repaying a loan is basically the same as stealing money. It is of utmost importance to realize repayment is a moral obligation. Sevi assists you to meet this obligation by sending you reminders to repay and making repayment very easy. Here you find you can repay your personal loan or your group loan. Early repayments are always possible.

Sevi doesn’t dictate any loan conditions. You agree with your group or any other loan provider on the conditions of the loan. The agreed conditions can be set when applying for the loan, within the bandwidth given by your loan provider. The conditions to be set are:

  • maximum loan amount
  • interest rate
  • maximum loan duration

When you send a loan request, the loan provider you send it to instantantly receives it. The receiving party then reviews your loan request. When the loan request is approved the loan is instantly disbursed to your Wallet in the Sevi app. When the loan request is not approved your loan provider will send you feedback on why the loan request is not approved. 


The Sevi app is currently available for Android vs. 5 and higher. The app will soon become availble for iPhone and Windows as well. If you do not have a smart phone you can still join a loan group. Please read ‘how do I join a group

Please contact the Sevi helpdesk to restore your PIN. Contact us by clicking on the ‘phone’ icon in the app in the top right corner. You can contact us through phone or WhatsApp.

Please check if you entered your phone number correctly and try again. If you still don’t receive an SMS please contact the Sevi helpdesk by clicking on the ‘phone’ icon in the app in the top right corner. You can contact us through phone or WhatsApp.

Trust Score

The Trust Score of all individual members sums up to the total group score. Note: any group member can influence the group score positively but also negatively.

You have a negative rating at CRB. First clear your CRB status to be able to get a positive Trust Score.


By positive behaviour like repaying your loan on time, filling out your profile or having a good CRB rating. Overtime more and more actions to earn points will be added like following specific trainings, reaching saving goals, etc.


By having a higher Trust Score you get access to higher loans and better loan conditions. You can also choose to share your Trust Score with e.g. your supplier, your land lord, your future employer, basically anyone you want to show how well you can be trusted to negotiate better deals.

Anywhere in the app the trust score is indicated by the Star. The score represents your points or the points of your group reflecting how well you can be trusted. Based on this trust score credit providers will set their loan limits, but you can also share your trust score with a new supplier indicating your good reputation and on-time payment behaviour

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