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Sevi enables corporate and MSME buyers and sellers to quickly and conveniently buy stock on credit. Download the app today to learn more.

There’s a smarter way to buy and sell

Are cashflow struggles impacting your ability to do business? Whether you’re a buyer who lacks the cash on hand to make key purchases or a seller that wants to push more products, an inability to close deals can have a negative impact on your business.

Leveraging state-of-the-art technology, Sevi makes it easy for vendors to quickly and conveniently extend a line of credit to qualified buyers. The best part? Sellers collect 80% of the sale proceeds instantly, while we manage the credit and risk.

Key Platform Advantages

While you are doing your business like no-one else can. We allow you to sell your products on credit without the hassle or risk.

For Sellers

Looking for a fast, efficient, and trusted way to sell more products to cash-strapped B2B buyers? We’ve got you covered.

It’s that simple. Download the app and apply for your Seller Account today.

For Buyers

Tired of limited cash impacting your business’s purchasing capabilities? Sevi provides immediate, stress-free access to lines of credit.
Download the app, create your free account, and start buying on credit!

Easy Sales, Right at Your Fingertips

The Sevi App helps MSME buyers and sellers streamline the supply chain, simplify online transactions and free up time, resources, and capital for other aspects of your operations.

Licensed by CBK

Sevi was created to help you grow your business, and is regulated and licensed by CBK

Instant Hassle-Free Payments

Sellers get paid instantly with each sale and don't need to worry about loan management or assume the risk of defaults.

Easy Integration Options

Connect your ERP to Sevi via our open API, integrate our plug-in directly to your WooCommerce shop, and more.

Trusted, Transparent, and Flexible

At Sevi, we’re honest and open about our business and always go above and beyond to provide personal support and ensure confidence in our platform

Ready to discover what Sevi can do for you?

Supply chain optimization is only a few clicks away. Download the free Android app today and apply for your account to get started