Affordable loans for entrepreneurs

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About Sevi

SEVI enables micro lenders like MFIs, suppliers, banks and e-commerce platforms to provide loans to their clients at low cost.


Community verification oracle, based on proven group solidarity in microfinance.

Credit Scoring

Relative credit scoring based on lending behavior and community input.


Transparent and low-cost transactions from lender to borrower and beyond.

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What is Sevi

SEVI makes micro loans affordable and accessible for entrepreneurs to build their business. Group solidarity mechanisms are widely applied and have been proven through decades of microfinance experience. We have translated this proven mechanism to a decentralized lending model.

What drives us

We are convinced entrepreneurship in emerging markets is going to be the catalyst of growth. Entrepreneurs face many hurdles to grow their businesses from a micro to small to medium company. Access to affordable finance is one of the key issues. We are driven to overcome this gap.

Sevi team

Bartel Verkruijssen

Bartel is an entrepreneurial builder and a rockstar coder without the rockstar attitude. He loves to put together proof of concepts and often approaches lighting speed at that. Bartel is committed and knows how to build teams and companies. He has done this several times and after the last successful exit he now is ready to make a lasting change in the world of finance.

Walter aan de Wiel

Walter is a strategist and doer and thinks in possibilities, his personal mission is to create impact through good business. As director at Enviu he co-founded 10 social enterprises in Ghana, India and the Netherlands and supported many more through the business accelerator he founded called Truvalu.startups. One of the companies is People’s Pension Trust, a micro pension company for the informal sector in Ghana.

Decentralized group solidarity lending model

Friends and business relations verify you to avoid expensive verification processes. Users in the network take care of client verification and credit estimation. Based on actual data, users and groups in the mesh network are allocated into segments and ratings.

ID verification

ID verification in a context of lack of official documentation is difficult. For this reason, Sevi utilizes the entrepreneur community like suppliers for ID validation.

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Credit score

Assessment of the probability of retrieving a loan is a key activity when providing micro loans. The Sevi model is based on the assumption that the community can better estimate this. Good and bad judgement is incentivized by a relative credit score.

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Beta testing

Sevi is currently beta testing in Ghana, Kenya and India. Interested to join our beta testing? We would love to tell you more and show you our demo. Contact us at

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Integration Micro Financing institutions

Current MFIs are islands. Their is no system or protocol to communicate to other institutions to check for outstanding credit, credit history etc. All Sevi ID's, credit ratings and transaction are recorded. So in the future all MFIs and companies can access this data to make their own risk assessments. Sevi will communicate oustanding debt issue to MFIs it works with. Check outstanding loans at other MFI's.