Top 8 features this release

We thank all our Beta users for helping us optimise the Sevi app! After months of eating bananas, making bad jokes and throwing code away like paper. Time for a party, we released the first full release version of the Sevi App. This release means we reached a point where stability has priority over new features. Future development will happen with strict staged and tested rollouts. 

Now, let us highlight some features for you!

Personal wallet

After registration, you get a personal wallet, we included multiple security measures for your account. SMS verification, personal PIN and ID/face verification are used to secure your money. This makes (ID) fraud difficult and gives you better loan conditions.

Group wallets

A group wallet is a shared wallet with your group members. The group Admin can use the advanced member management. With a group you get better loan conditions. Creating a wallet can be done two ways:
1: you received a link from a Microfinance bank 

2: you create a new group inside the app by clicking the + sign, and we link you to a Microfinance partner


Loan request can be created as easily. You can send a loan request to any of our Microfinance partners or your group Admin.

Trust Score

Loan and repayment behaviour is reflected in your trust score. It’s a simple tracking on your loan repayment performance. Better repayments will earn you more points. This benefits both you and your group. We are working to include saving behavior as well. 

Partner Integration

We enable our partners to integrate with both the App and the API. The app currently supports client management for loan officers and transactions insight. We also have a dashboard with more stats.

Customer Support

As we want to offer the best service possible, you can reach us directly through the in-app Messages section where you can send us direct messages.


Generally transaction cost is high. Our infrastructure enables you to cut your transaction cost. You can make payments to people with a Sevi wallet (free of charge), or to any Mpesa number, directly from your personal Sevi wallet. No need to first send money to your personal Mpesa, pay a transaction fee, and then again send it to your supplier.


Advanced transactions search

We included the best search engine in the world. This will enable you to search though all your transactions and loans in seconds. We will continue providing the best transaction interface possible.

We integrated your loans in the transaction overview as well, so you can search your loans. 


In the loan section you find a nice overview of your open loans. Repayment can be done with a single click. As anyone can forget that he has a loan to repay. We implemented a scheduler that will help you remind on a repayment by SMS or app notification.

We listen to our customers! So if you have any ideas on how to improve, please drop us a line.

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