How is the Trust Score of my group calculated?

The Trust Score of all individual members sums up to the total group score. Note: any group member can influence the group score positively but also negatively.

How do I grow my Trust Score?

By positive behaviour like repaying your loan on time, filling out your profile or having a good CRB rating. Overtime more and more actions to earn points will be added like following specific trainings, reaching saving goals, etc.  

Where do I use the Trust Score for?

By having a higher Trust Score you get access to higher loans and better loan conditions. You can also choose to share your Trust Score with e.g. your supplier, your land lord, your future employer, basically anyone you want to show how well you can be trusted to negotiate better deals.

What is the Sevi Trust Score?

Anywhere in the app the trust score is indicated by the Star. The score represents your points or the points of your group reflecting how well you can be trusted. Based on this trust score credit providers will set their loan limits, but you can also share your trust score with a new supplier indicating

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