How do I qualify for payment in instalments? 

Whether you qualifies for payment in instalments is decided by your merchant. Merchants use different criteria such as: Trust Score (e.g. the max amount is determined by the Trust Score ) Being part of a group Size of the loan group (e.g. some set a minimum of 10 members) CRB rating (e.g. some require no members have

What if I can’t repay on time?

When you do not repay on time the following actions are taken: Each day you pay late you loose Sevi Trust points, which also effects the Trust Score of your group. There is a seven day grace period. After seven days we will hand over your account to debt collection. After ninety days you are

Payment of instalments

A loan is money from someone else, which you borrow for a specific period. So not repaying a loan is basically the same as stealing money. It is of utmost importance to realize repayment is a moral obligation. Sevi assists you to meet this obligation by sending you reminders to repay and making repayment very easy. From

What are the conditions?

Sevi doesn’t dictate any credit conditions. You agree with your group or any other credit provider on the conditions of the credit. These conditions are communicated to you on check-out.

Pay in Instalments smartphone app and fund to enable companies to sell on credit and grow their business.

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